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Now I don’t know if it’s because I’m old-fashioned and love everything from yester year or whether Jim Hensen’s creations were just that good, but for my “W” post, we will be travelling through Wormholes with John Crichton into the wonderful world of Farscape, that brilliant Hensen/Sci Fi Channel show that should have been more loved but for some reason was not. Thats not to say it wasn’t loved at all.

I probably would have completely missed this show if it had not been for my wife who told me to sit and watch it one night. I have to admit that I was hooked from the start and I still have all the DVDs which I plan to watch again this year. The premise was very simple, Crichton goes into space and accidentally opens a wormhole in space through which he travels to a completely different universe. Upon arriving in the new universe, he is crashed into by another ship which spins out of control and crashes, killing its pilot. Unfortunately for Crichton, the brother of the fallen pilot is in command and makes it his mission to hunt down Crichton and make him pay for killing his brother.


You Remember It Now?

So anyway, the mode of transportation. The wormhole. It turns out, that it wasn’t an accident that Crichton opened the wormhole, the knowledge was put in his brain on purpose by highly intelligent space creature/being. It is this wormhole technology that sparks outright war between Crichton and his friends, the Scarrans and the Peacekeepers. The most feared is Scorpius who will stop at nothing to get what he wants, even implanting a chip in Crichton’s brain to try to trick the wormhole knowledge out of him. As Crichton begins to learn to control the wormhole, he knows when they are going to appear, here is what they look like…


Wormholes have of course been used in other science fiction shows and films, but I think they came into their own in Farscape. They were the central point of the story arc throughout the series which was so cruelly cancelled. I think it had a lot of life left in it, but at least creator Rockne S. Bannon was allowed to make The Peacekeeper Wars to finish off the tale. If you’ve never seen the show, I recommend you give it a try. Bannon has a new show out now which has just started called Defiance, so you might like Farscape if you liked the look his new work.