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Time to move on now into the last few letters of the alphabet. Today is “V” and there was only really one winner for me. As a lover of science fiction, as I am sure by now you have gathered quite easily, Battlestar Galactica is a classic show. I loved the original movie from the late 70s. It was one of the first Sci fi experiences I had as a child and perhaps this is why the Vipers have stuck with me so vividly.

In the film and subsequent series, I think most of us are familiar with the actual Battlestar named Galactica which becomes the only surviving ship of its kind after the rest of the fleet is destroyed by a surprise attack by the Cylons. On board this mighty ship are the attack fighters. I guess it can be likened to an aircraft carrier and it fighter planes on the deck. Here, the attack planes are called Vipers. The original ones looked like this:


They were very sleek-looking and its a stark contrast to the likes of the Millennium Falcon which was more of a saucer shape. The Viper is much more like a jet fighter plane from our own world. The required a launch tube to be released into space from the Galactica, but once out in the open they are remarkably maneuverable and fast, making them an ideal match for the Cylon raiders.

When the show was rebooted in the mid 2000’s, the basic shape of the Viper was kept, but updated slightly to make it a little less square looking and even sleeker and aerodynamic (although this would have no bearing in space would it?) Here is the updated version of the viper fighter.


The pilots were incredibly skilled and none more so that Starbuck who was turned into a girl for the rebooted show, a twist that I thought was an excellent addition to the show. I really enjoyed the show and there have been a couple of TV movies aswell. The prequel series Caprica was a big flop and although the idea was nice, Battlestar Galactica remains one of my favourite science fiction universes to get lost in. Did you like this show? If so, tell me some of your favourite moments…