Blogging A-Z April Challenge 2013

The A-Z Challenge is something that I took part in last year for the first time and I thoroughly enjoyed posting my thoughts on some films and music that I enjoy in my life. I decided to participate once again this year with a new theme – Modes Of Transportation In TV & Film.

My blog posts will be themed for the whole month of April with each day’s post themed with the next letter of the alphabet. So, April 1st = “A”, the 2nd “B” and so on. As each post is published this page will be updated later in the day. Thanks for reading and I hope to read some of your posts aswell. Feel free to leave comments and visit others’ blogs. Spread the word. =) I hope you enjoy this year’s theme.

a-z badge

I hope you enjoy looking at these posts and perhaps you may be inspired to blog about some that you enjoy and maybe I will see your blog in the A-Z Challenge next year! Happy Blogging.

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