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As I have been involved with the A-Z Challenge this month, I have once again neglected my Eurovision blogs recently. It is time to rectify this now as I bring you some more of the 2013 Eurovision entrants. We have already seen a couple of the big hitters this year including Denmark and Holland, but lets take a look at some of the smaller chances, starting with Estonia.

estoniaEstonia have been hit and miss. Two years ago, they were an early favourite to win the competition, but when it came down to it, they finished nowhere much to my surprise. In 2012, I tipped Ott Lepland to win the competition with a great song and he was close, but not close enough. This year Estonia have yet again gone for a ballad with singer Birgit performing Et Uus Saaks Alguse. The track itself sounds a little like something akin to LeAnn Rimes in its style and I suppose its similar in some ways to our own British entry. I’m not a huge fan of this tune, but I think that in Semi Final 1, it has a good chance of making it through to the final. See what you think…


sloveniaNext up today is Hannah from Slovenia performing a track called Straight Into Love. I think I can safely say that Slovenia will continue their tradition of not qualifying for the final. This song is truly terrible. Straight Into Love? Straight out of the 90s more like. Not only do I detest this style of music, the song’s lyrics are non-existent, have zero meaning and it’s just dire all round. This has all the hallmarks of a country that really just give a care what they put into the contest, although we could say the same about the UK, lol. Slovenia are a non qualifier this year, sorry folks, but it’s a zero out of five from me.


croatiaThirdly is Croatia. An operatic group called Klapa s Mora perform their song Mizerja for this year’s contest and although I think they do it very well, I don’t think its likely to qualify. I have a feeling that ballads are a dying breed just now at Eurovision, just as the whole Greek/Turkish sound has now disappeared from Eurovision entries. Croatia will also be performing right before Denmark in the first semi final and they will be forgotten about very quickly once the favourite for the whole contest has been on stage. A shame, because the sing is very pleasant to listen to, but a little out of touch this year I think.


russiaLastly today I take you to Russia. This song is more in the power ballad category. However, its a message song. What If performed by Dina Garipova also employs the classic Eurovision “key change” tactic to try to ram the message of the song down our throats,. It also wouldn’t surprise me to see a wind machine at work here either. I have a feeling that this song may just sneak into the final, but purely because it doesn’t have that much competition in the first semi final. I only give this one a 2 star rating. There doesn’t seem to be much really grabbing me so far this year does there?


More in the coming days. I intend to get the entrants all listed and my comments on each one within the next week to ten days, so I’m guessing you’ll be sick of these blog posts soon enough, lol.