Comment Policy – Please Read

I’m afraid I’ve shamelessly half-inched this idea from my wife Kell with regards to this, but here are a few “rules and regulations” for those who wish to comment on this blog:

  1. My blog, my rules. The posts I make here are the thoughts rambling round in my head and I know not everyone thinks the same way, but if you don’t like what I have to say, you don’t have to stay here and read it. Feel free to start your own blog and rant away if you fancy, but I won’t allow any bullying or abuse here and any comments posted that I consider bullying or abusive in nature will be deleted.
  2. No flaming – of me or anyone else. Just don’t bother as it’ll be deleted.
  3. Disagree and debate all you like, but don’t be an arse. If you’re intelligent and mature in your comments, you’ll be treated as such here, but if you belittle me, opinions or choices, your comments will be deleted.
  4. Spell check and proof read your comments. I make every effort to make sure my posts are legible and grammatically correct (yes, the occasional error will slip through the net, but if I spot one, I’ll go back and correct it and reserve the right to do so), please do me the courtesy of doing the same. If I can’t understand what you’re saying, your comment will be deleted. Some of us can’t spell, but that’s what spell-checkers are for, so you have no excuse!
  5. CAPITAL LETTERS. Do NOT make your entire post in capital letters – it makes it very difficult to read and so it will be deleted. I don’t mind you highlighting a word here or there with capitals, but making your whole post in them is inexcusable and will not be allowed. Similarly, please DO use capitals where they are appropriate (i.e. at the beginning of each sentence, at the beginning of proper nouns, etc), as typing in all lower-case really annoys me!
  6. L33t speak and text speak. Please DO NOT replace letters with numbers. It’s not big, it’s not clever and it makes things incredibly difficult to read. You have 26 letters of the alphabet at your disposal, please treat them with respect and use them appropriately. Anyone who ignores this will find their comments deleted as this is something that seriously pisses me off! Similarly, DO NOT use text abbreviations for exactly the same reason. I hate them, I do not use them (no, not even when I’m texting!) and I will not tolerate them anywhere on my blog (unless I’m ranting about them and giving examples).
  7. No advertising / spamming. All advertising / spam type comments will be deleted. No exceptions. If I even suspect you’re advertising or promoting something, your comments will be deleted.
  8. I reserve the right to make fun of your comments if I feel like it. That’s because it’s my blog and I can pretty much do what I like.
  9. I reserve the right to alter/change/edit any comment as I see fit to glorify me and my blog or totally make the comment author seem more like an arse than they already are. I also reserve the right to take out your website link (for example, if your comment sounds good but your website link is I will approve the comment but remove the link). You have been warned!

3 thoughts on “Comment Policy – Please Read”

  1. Castro Stewart said:

    ‘Spell check and proof read your comments.’

    ‘Please DO NOT replaceletters with numbers’


  2. LOVE this policy. I think we’re going to get along just fine. Some of your pet-peeves are the same as mine. Some of your pet peeves I hadn’t even thought of, but now that you mention them, they will join mine. I’m glad Nicole introduced us, and I look forward to developing a new blogging relationship with a like-minded sane person who respects the English language, grammar, and especially the fact that capital letters were invented for a reason and just because you’re a blogger, you do NOT have the authority to throw them out the window just to be cute. My signature includes a link to my blog so that your visitors might easily visit me should they choose. If that’s not OK, I understand it will be deleted. I’m not selling anything except a worm-hole to my place.
    Tina @ Life is Good

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