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Ok folks, its time to start reviewing some Christmas films. We are now into December and I thought I’d start with this little known gem from Finland. Rare Exports – A Christmas Tale is a really original take on the whole Santa story. Based on a short from 2003, the film tells the tale of how Santa is buried beneath a mountain in Finland and that he isn’t quite the jolly fat guy in a red suit that we all love and know him to be. No, no; Santa isn’t such a nice guy at all.

The movie expands on the original short and its such a very good movie. The main characters are easily likeable, especially the boy Pietari Kontio, played by Onni Tommila who actually played the same part in a follow up short film in 2005. He gets some of the best lines and his sense of innocence is very refreshing to watch. That said, he is not afraid to et his hands dirty when its needed and he shows that he has grit and determination aswell as a very caring side to his personality.

I was sceptical of the movie when my wife first mentioned it, but I gave it a watch anyway and was pleasantly surprised at how much I enjoyed it. This is one foreign film that I would recommend to someone who wants to see something just a little different for a change and the twist on the Christmas story gives it added intrigue. I give it an excellent 8/10 and here is the trailer, go find it =) Just remember, the movie is foreign with some English…