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Well you should be impressed so far, its been a busy week at work with packets really beginning to pick up now and I haven’t moaned ONCE at work! I know, I can’t believe it either. I worked out a pretty good system for completing our deliveries and it means that everyone is happy. The boss is happy because the job is being completed. My partner gets to finish on time, I get some overtime and most importantly the customers get all their Christmas gifts on time. As long as my two jobs are going out, thats all I’m concerned with. Of course, it is going to get much busier so ask me again in a couple of weeks if I’ve moaned yet, lol.
Today is going to be a busy day. Asda first off, then back for a spot of lunch. Then Kell and Xander are off into town to watch the Reindeer parade on Union Street while I sort out the Christmas decorations. A new tree this year finally and we have some nice new things to put on it. Xander has already been helping his mummy make paper chains and he was loving it. He likes to get involved much more with things now and is starting to get really excited about Christmas. I knew this year was going to be the first one that he really got into it.

We have also had a breakthrough in the potty training sector. Xander has been using his potty for ages now and does it great, but we have been suggesting that its time to start using the toilet and get rid of the potty. So far when they have been at Sainsburys on occasion he has actually asked to use the toilet in there of his own accord and this is great news. It means that we should be able to get shot of the potty with much more ease and use the toilet full time. Well done Xander =)

So I guess I should get cracking, so much to do and time running out already, lol. Remember and like Smurfin’ The Web on Facebook, use the button on the right of this page and spread the word. We have already had over 11,000 hits since I started writing and weekly numbers are going up. Thanks for reading.