R-27834-1109080942.jpgI remember this song and video vividly from my childhood. Ultravox emerged from the new wave and late 70s/early 80s electro scene and were hugely successful in the 80s. Their most well-known song is probably my choice here. Vienna is just an all time classic song and not just from the 80s. Released in January 1981, this was a massive hit, but was kept off the Number 1 spot by Joe Dolce’sShaddup You Face” of all things.

I like the film noir style of the video and it does seem to fit the song very well. I think there was always a bit of the frustrated actor in Midge Ure, as the band indulged in other movie style music videos later in their career. The video was directed by Russell Mulcahy who went on to direct the movie Highlander, so not a bad pedigree.

I hope you like this choice and I shall get up to date with my outstanding posts over the weekend.