220px-TTPatienceWoops, I’ve been a little lazy the past few days, let’s get caught up shall I? I suppose I Have always had a small soft spot for Take That. Back in their heyday, they had a few decent songs out and I even managed to catch them live once. They actually put on quite an amazing show back then, but unlike the millions of screaming female fans, I wasn’t surprised when they split up.

I was somewhat surprised when they suddenly announced their reunion 10 years later, and boy what a comeback. I love the song “Patience”; it sums up how their career came full circle. I like how the video focusses on the four members of the band starting out on a journey and finding each other and once again performing as a group. It’s a nice way to look at a fresh start for the group.

Since then they have gone on to record a number of albums and have even dropped to being just a trio in recent months. That said, they still seem to be able to produce good music and probably will now until they retire gracefully as very old men.