Ghost_Town_coverShiny Toy Guns are a band that I came across a few years ago purely by chance, which has happened to me quite a few times actually. Their single Ghost Town is a really rocking track that grabs you very quickly and doesn’t let go until its finished. Released in 2009 the single peaked at number 26 in the Billboard Alternative Songs chart.

The video is another animated effort which was created and directed by Glen Hanson, a Canadian cartoonist. I like how this looks. It reminds somewhat of an old animated series on MTV called Aeon Flux (you may have seen the movie of the same name) I suppose even some of Gorillaz music videos have the same look to them, but none of their music is as good as this track. I hope you enjoy it, and if you find the time, check out their version of Peter Schilling’sMajor Tom