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Queen_Save_MeI couldn’t really have an A-Z list of music videos without mentioning Queen. The band practically invented the concept way back in 1975 with the video for Bohemian Rhapsody. However, it is not that video I have chosen today. Instead I have picked one from a later album and the track is called Save Me. It comes from the album The Game which was released in 1979 and for me really started the whole ball rolling in terms of their commercial success in the charts. Yes they had had one or two hits, but I think this album marked the start of their constant role in the make up of the UK music chart.

Save Me is a really good song and the video is a really nice blend of live action and animation. However, it is the way that the animated segments of the shoot merge back into the live shots as you will see from the video below. I find the whole thing quite moving in fact and the final shot when Freddie is reaching for the dove appears quite poignant in the whole Queen story.

Queen of course did many great music videos. The Miracle used mini members of Queen, I want To Break Free featured the band dressed in drag, and of course who can forget Radio Ga-Ga with the whole crowd clapping in unison, but I have always preferred the earlier side of Queen’s music and Save Me is one of the heights for me in terms of music and vision.

save_me___by_queen_by_shinyeeveee-d4r38uaWhat is your favourite Queen video? There are so many to choose from, comment below with your opinions =)