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220px-PuremorningcoverPlacebo aren’t a band I have particularly liked in the past, yeah ok, they have done some decent tracks here and there, but I wouldn’t call myself a fan. They did do a great cover of Bony M’s Daddy Cool, but it’s not that I am talking about today. In terms of their music videos, I think their best has to be Pure Morning. Another mini film, it tells the story of someone standing atop a building’s ledge and the mayhem that is going on below with the emergency services and the media.

The song is powerful enough, but it’s that point when he walks off the edge of the building and begins to walk down it that really grabs you. Just like that moment in Neneh Cherry’s Woman that I described earlier in my challenge, it is something which you don’t quite expect to happen and it makes the hairs stand on end. that is the mark of a good video for me.

7655f35aeb22As for the song itself, lead singer of Placebo, Brian Molko has stated that he now hates the song and its lyrics and they haven’t performed it live since 2007. See what you think of my choice, does it move you? Leave your thoughts below =)