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Burnittotheground_I know, I know. Nickelback? For some reason they seem to be the most hated band on the planet by pop fans and rock fans alike. I haven’t liked everything they have done, but in 2009 they teamed up with legendary music producer John “Mutt” Lange. he has produced bands like Def Leppard, The Cars and Bryan Adams. You can tell, he has a distinctive style, but Nickelback’s album Dark Horse was a massive success and the first track Burn It To The Ground was a great single off it.

1315313938_nickelback-burn-it-to-the-groundIt is a fantastic rock track. It punches and kicks and it is in my opinion what a rock song should sound like. Play it loud. Now I have to confess that the video isn’t really all that in terms of its content, it is more or less just them playing on stage at a live gig. I don’t care lol. It kicks ass whatever way you look at it, and that’s why I’ve included it here.

So really there isn’t much more to say here, I suppose this is a bit of a cheat post, but let’s hear you suggestions, can you think of a great “L” band video? Post them here and I’ll comment on your tracks =)