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alb_1762488_bigTake your pick here really, Meatloaf has always been a frustrated actor (although he has done some movie work), he takes out his craving in his music videos. He isn’t so prolific these days for various reasons, but during his resurgence in the 90s following the release of the hit Bat Out Of Hell II album, there were a few singles that became mini movies. I’d Lie For You (And That’s The Truth) is probably one example of an over the top music video that was the lead single on the follow-up album Welcome To The Neighbourhood in 1995.

It borrows heavily from some kind of Lara Croft/Indiana Jones type of film, and although I like the song and the video, it does appear quite confusing and was criticised for being overly complicated upon its release. That said, it certainly is a spectacle and wouldn’t be out-of-place in an actual Hollywood blockbuster. The piece also features the acting talents of Xander Berkley, a well-known and respected figure in the business. The whole thing was done on a massive budget, and watching it, you can plainly see that. I suppose he has to spend his money on something?

Just one of many vehicles leaving an explosion in its wake...

Just one of many vehicles leaving an explosion in its wake…

Meatloaf of course gets the girl at the end of all this running around and chasing planes with huge explosions, and that of course is what we all wanted. Confusing – yes, but entertaining – it is in my book. Isn’t that what a music video is supposed to do?