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Linkin_park_breaking_the_habit“L” takes me to American rap rockers Linkin Park. From their second album Meteora is the track “Breaking The Habit“. This was a very successful period in the band’s career, but the video is right up my street. I have always loved the Manga style of animation, and this is a great example of a short film that fits the song well here.

Directed by Kazuto Nakazawa, who has done work on movies such as Kill Bill and Animatrix, we see a story told backwards Japanese style. The story is interwoven with footage of the band performing the track, and everything has been rotoscoped to give it that scribbled look, while maintaining the anime style. At the start of the video, we do not know who it is that has fallen to their death, but as the video progresses, there are many little messages given and we discover at the end that it is in fact the lead singer of the band, Chester Bennington that has fallen.

breaking-the-habit-10I just think it’s a very powerful video animated in a great way for maximum effect. What do you reckon? Is this worthy of a place in your top video list? Comment below.