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220px-KasabianShootherunner-singleI am not actually much of a Kasabian fan, but I was torn between two videos here for my “K” post. In the end I plumped for Shoot The Runner, although the video for the song “Empire” is also excellent so check it out. Shoot The Runner reached number 17 in the UK music chart, so wasn’t a massive success, but I really like the sound of the song, it harks back to a 70s style rock track, perhaps something that Deep Purple might have done.

Now, I am visiting our old friend “Rotoscoping” again here, as this is how the video was animated, but its interesting to see it done in this way rather than the black and white rough sketch style that we have already seen in this A-Z challenge. I am quite a fan of this kind of art aswell, so it gives me a good viewing experience as well as the song being decent. The same style of animation was used in the Queens Of The Stone Age video for the song “Go With The Flow“.

indexIf you have a preference between the two songs I listed here at the top of the post, let me know, was I right to go for what I did, or is the video for Empire better?