Smooth_CriminalNow I know what you’re all thinking here, Thriller. WRONG! As much as I love that video, or rather short film, I actually prefer the video to Smooth Criminal from Michael Jackson’s film Moonwalker. I personally think that the dance performance in this video or much more slick in its execution than Thriller ever was, and its more of a polished article.

The song Smooth Criminal was taken from Jackson’s Bad album. The SEVENTH single to be taken from that album in actual fact which shows what a success it was commercially. I think a lot of this success was down to the highly choreographed dance routines and expensive music videos, which are in themselves mini movies, and Jackson was definitely way up there when it came to doing them right.

Of course, the bit in this video that everyone loves is the gravity defying lean, which is all done with clever machinery and camera trickery, but it looks great and does make you go “wow” when a) you haven’t seen it before or b) you haven’t seen it for some time. The effect is has is still worthy of some goosebumps. I suppose in the same way as when we saw Jackson do the moonwalk for the first time during that now famous appearance at the Motown 25 show in 1983.

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