wick16x9Its been a while since Keanu Reeves has done a decent movie, lets see, what was the last one for me…probably Matrix: Reloaded, that was in 2003! Since then, he has kept a reasonably low profile, occasionally giving up his seat on the subway to middle-aged women 😉 It would appear that in John Wick, he has found a character that he can get his teeth into and put those martial arts to good use once more.

The story revolves around John, whom we discover loses his wife to an unknown illness and she bequeathed him a young dog so that he may love life again and move on from her death. Unfortunately, whether it be bad timing, or just plain stupidness but Wick’s home is targeted for his car (a very nice 1969 Mustang btw) and in the process his dog is killed. It is at this point we discover John wick’s past and this is not a man you want to be messing with.

This movie has so much action, from start to finish. I suppose you could put it in the same category of film as the Taken series or The Equaliser, but its a good watch all the same and Keanu, (who is often ridiculed in Hollywood for his lack of talent) pulls off his character very well. There are some really dark comedic moments in the film aswell, mostly provided by the hotel that he stays in; The Continental, which is pretty much sacred ground for all hitmen.

There is also a good supporting cast here, Willem Dafoe, Ian McShane, Michael Nyqvist, Alfie Allen and John Leguizamo. Okay, so not all of those people have massive amounts of screen-time, but the roles they play are pivotal to the story and set it off very nicely.

In conclusion, I was actually surprisingly impressed and with talk of a sequel, perhaps this could be a decent series of movies and therefore I will give John Wick a very creditable 4stars