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Dire-Straits-Brothers-In-Arms-15237Dire Straits were a band that I grew up with. My dad listened to them all the time, in the car and at home. I still listen to them today and certain songs will always have a place in my life. None moreso that the title track of their most successful album, “Brothers In Arms“. The song has been covered a few times, but none will ever be as good as the original written by the great Mark Knopfler.

Using some of the same techniques as in A-Ha’s “Take On Me”, this offering combines the animated aspect and grainy live black and white footage. The song is about the futility of war and in the video, World War One is depicted, but also some modern aspects of warfare and weaponry. What I like about this video is how seamless the editing between live action and animation are, they really do a great job on it and its very stirring.

Niosy Animation, but Sublime

Noisy animation, but sublime all the same

Another use of the song was in an episode of The West Wing called “Two Cathedrals” If there are any fans of the show reading this, then I hope you will agree with me when I say that it is some of the best best television that has ever been made. The storyline and the song just work so well together and you be forgiven if you thought that it was the official video for the song, I have linked this so that you can see it, I never get tired of watching it, this really does give me goosebumps.

The video won a Grammy for Best Music Video way back in 1987 and I think it deserves every accolade it got. A true masterpiece.