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faabcoverI have to admit that I have never found The Beatles as good as everyone made them out to be. I am sure that at the time in the 60s when they were massive it was quite something, but not being around then perhaps taints my view somewhat. That said, they did record some truly great songs such as Eleanor Rigby and even some of the more “poppy” stuff is okay like I Wanna Hold Your Hand.

However, as I am basing my theme around my favourite videos, I have plumped for Free As A Bird which was released in 1995. Originally recorded as a demo by John Lennon in 1977, the remaining members of The Fab Four made their own contributions to the song and gave it to the world as some sort of “reunion” track seeing as it was 25 years after their break up.

Look! A "newspaper taxi"

Look! A “newspaper taxi”

I quite like the song itself, it’s very easy listening, but the video contains so many little Beatles references and some are so small that you can blink and miss them. There are many analysis videos that try to read the deeper meanings into what the song and video are all about, but sometimes I wonder why fans cannot just take it for what it is, a nice song with a nifty video that gives a load of nods to their career, there is no conspiracy here. It’s a nice video.