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Another year has come and gone and we are approaching April and this year’s A-Z Blogging Challenge with great haste. I have covered TV and Film in the last 2 challenges, and therefore this year I am going to return to another passion in my life, music.

There are many bands that I enjoy listening to, there are also certain songs that I enjoy listening to, but am not a massive fan of the band or singer. What can sometimes make a difference is the accompanying music video, an art that has become somewhat of a mini Hollywood these days. Long gone are the days of just a film of a group on stage or on Top of the Pops, nowadays, music videos are big bucks, a selling point if you like, but its all about exposure to the masses. I suppose that was always the point, but with so many forms of media exposure available to the public, good videos make more money.

I have selected an A-Z of my favourite music videos from the last 4 or so decades. Not an easy choice I will tell you, but my criteria were simple; it has to be something that enhances the song and I believe that all of these videos do that in some form or another. I shall endeavour to explain just what it is I like about each music video and any memories they give me. I hope you enjoy my A-Z this year, and I shall be blog hopping to see what everyone else has to offer. Happy blogging folks!