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automataOne film I have had on my hard drive for quite some time is Automata. Starring Antonio Banderas, this film is a science fiction movie that draws influence from a number of films from the past, Blade Runner, Max Headroom, and I Robot to name but three.

Banderas plays Jacq Vaucan, an insurance agent for a company that is responsible for the robots that now take care of everything in this futuristic dystopian society. he investigates cases of robots violating their two basic protocols. What he discovers after one is shot by a police man (Dylan McDermott) is that the robots are actually evolving and becoming self-aware. The company, ROC, of course do not want this to happen and attempt to prevent it with almost disastrous consequences.

It is a curious film, that I suppose has its place in science fiction, but like Johnny Depp’s Transcendence last year, it kind of gets lost within itself and the impact of the outcome of the movie ends up being soft and what could have been a more powerful pay off just doesn’t happen.

I can now delete this from my computer and I can’t say I’m disappointed at that, not a great movie all things considered as regards story, but the performance from Banderas is good enough to carry the film somewhat, but you wouldn’t be missing anything if you don’t see this. Science fiction has fallen by the wayside in recent years and it seems that the superhero fascination Hollywood has at the moment has taken over good film-making. I cannot remember the last really good sci-fi movie I saw.

Automata gets a paltry 2stars