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CoherenceHere’s a new review for you. I saw someone else’s thoughts on this film and it reminded me that I still had this on my hard drive and had done for months. I decided to go upstairs this afternoon and have an hour and a half to myself and watch this one.

With a very small cast, the only member of which I recognised was Nicholas Brendan as Mike, this film keeps you glued to the screen for 90 minutes. Coherence is a science fiction psychological thriller, a real mind bender I would say.

Without giving too much away, a group of friends get together for a dinner at one of their houses; nothing too out of the ordinary there right? Well, this evening happens to be the one night that a comet is flying overhead in the atmosphere and legend has it that it can cause weird and unexpected things to happen. Guess what?, strange goings on begin to take place with out group friends after the power is knocked out.

I really enjoyed this movie, and it’s not the sort of thing you can pause and come back to later, although, it would be very difficult to do that as the story really pulls you in and holds you until the very end. If this type of movie sounds like it could be your thing, I recommend you give it a go, it’ll screw with your brain for 90 minutes, but then, so would watching a game of football. I found the film much more enjoyable.