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maxresdefaultOK, so I have done loads of film review , but haven’t really focussed on any television, and as an avid watcher of American shows, I thought I would highlight one of my particular favourites at the moment, Black Sails.

Broadcast via Starz, this show debuted in January 2014 for a 8 episode run. Black Sails features characters from Treasure Island and is set a mere twenty years before the events of Robert Louis Stevenson’s classic novel. We see a young, unseaworthy John Silver, before he got “long”, or lost a leg for that matter and the main character is Captain Flint, played here by Toby Stephens.

This is a deceptively large budget show created by Robert Levine and Jonathan E Steinberg. The title theme was written and performed by Bear McCreary (of Battlestar Galactica and The Walking Dead fame).

There is plenty for the viewer to get their teeth into here. The show has a great mix of mystery, action, romance, sex (if that’s your thing), and the fact that it’s all leading up to the events of Treasure Island makes it all the more interesting. There are also a lot of characters in this show that you like, hate, sympathise with and couldn’t care much about, but even they have another side to them at one stage or another.

Black Sails has been generally received very well and in fact before the second season started showing, the show had been renewed for a third year, which is really great news. I have enjoyed it thus far and with 3 episodes aired from the second season, the story is now a thick woven mysterious plot with a number of story arcs and I can’t wait for the next episode.

Oh and by the way, if you’re looking for pirates with your usual “arrrrr” accents, forget it, these are “posh pirates”, terribly English and seemingly well-educated, but dress like shit with the manners of cavemen. What’s not to like?

Check out the trailer for the first season but definitely give it a go, you won’t regret it.

Season 1 Trailer: