Oscars1Welcome to this year’s Oscar Season here at Smurfin’ The Web. My annual blog series takes centre stage for the next month and a half with reviews of Oscar nominated movies for this 2015’s awards ceremony which will be hosted by the very likeable Neil Patrick Harris which is sure to be a laugh, and possibly one of the most popular there has been for some years.

As always, I will mainly stick to the films that have been nominated for the Best Picture award, but I will now and again delve in the other categories and post up a review for a film from one of the technical categories or “lesser” acting awards. Lets face it, I would say ANY Oscar is a big thing, but you get my drift.

2014 was a pretty decent year for movies, I personally saw 17 movies made last year out of 88 in total and it would probably have been a lot more had I not been moving house and renovating it.

So please do check back here to see what I have been reviewing this year and please like my Facebook page and comment. Your comments mean a lot to me and I would like to improve this area of my blog this year, so constructive critisism is always welcome along with your thoughts on the movie I review. Thanks for reading.