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fb_shareWell, what can I say about this one. From the very first teaser trailer, I knew I had to see this movie; it was heart in your mouth stuff and I wanted to see what the final outcome was.

This film is the real life story of Chris Kyle, an American Navy Seal and sniper who has passed into legend in modern warfare with a confirmed 160 kills during 4 tours of Iraq between the years of 1999 and 2009. He was honourably discharged from the Navy in 2009 where he took to helping servicemen and veterans in the USA. Chris Kyle was murdered alongside his friend Chad Littlefield whilst at a firing range helping a US Marine who was suffering from PTSD and his memorial service was held at Cowboys Stadium. The funeral procession stretched for over 200 miles!

The film stars Bradley Cooper who has been nominated for his third Oscar in a row (although he is yet to win) as Chris Kyle and Sienna Miller plays his wife Taya. Cooper is also nominated as a producer of the film in the Best Picture category, so four nominations in just a few years is a superb tally for him. I like him, he’s a likable guy that picks good roles and although there have been a couple of dodgy films (for my taste) mostly I have liked what he has starred in. Everyone that appears puts in a great performance and they really make you feel for the characters, even in some cases the antagonists, even if that is anger or pity.

American Sniper is pretty much a rollercoaster of emotions and you get to see everything through his eyes as it were. There is some twisting of the actual events for artistic purposes, but on the whole is reasonably accurate according to accounts and his own story and memories. Directed by Clint Eastwood (no not Marty McFly – I know its Future Year) , the real one this time; I think he has done a great job telling this guy’s story. A story that should be told.

I am glad that this movie has been nominated and I liken it in style to The Hurt Locker, a previous winner of Best Picture and although I think it up against stiffer competition and it won’t win, I think that American Sniper will be remembered as one of Eastwood’s best works and I hope it is remembered for years to come. Definitely worth a watch, and although not a perfect movie, its pretty close to it.

Therefore I will give it the full 5stars