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Big-Hero-6-2014In the second review for my Oscar season, I promised my 6 year old son that we could see Big Hero 6 at the weekend if he had behaved, he duly complied and we settled down to watch it. I had seen the trailer for this some time ago and fancied the look of it.

Big Hero 6 can be likened to a mixture of a watered down Manga animation, The Incredibles (also from Disney Pixar) and The Avengers. Its story concerns a 14-year-old boy, Hero, who lives with his brother and aunt in San Fransokyo (I quite liked that mix). His parents have been dead for quite some time and he is a robotics genius, as is his brother Tadashi.

In order to enrol in a college course for robotics, Hero has to come up with some invention that will impress the teacher at the school, Robert Callaghan voiced here by James Cromwell. Following the expo of his work, the venue is mysteriously burned to the ground and more tragedy enters the life of young Hero. He stumbles across some of his brother robotic work in his room and we are introduced to Baymax, a curious robot nurse that inflates that will assess your injury and look after you until you tell it that you are happy and it will deflate tidily away back in its box. A blow up Star Trek holodoctor if you like.

As the story unfolds, things don’t appear as they seem and Hero grows closer in friendship to Baymax and so enlists the help of his brother’s classmates in an attempt to put right what wrongs have been done in recent times.

I really enjoyed the film. Big Hero 6 has a good story that kept both myself and my son engaged throughout the film, the animation is superb and it has already been nominated for many awards in this field. It certainly wouldn’t surprise me to see get a nod or two by The Academy in a week’s time.

Overall, I would give Big Hero 6 a 4stars

Its released in cinemas here on the 30th of January and I wholeheartedly recommend that if you have young kids, you have a look at this one, it ticks all the boxes for an afternoon at the cinema. I think it’s the best thing to come out of Disney or Pixar since Wreck It Ralph. Until of course the long-awaited Incredible sequel comes out in..well a few years from now. Enjoy =)