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500201695f959So it’s finally here, the full trailer for the “highly anticipated” Ant-Man movie which has been in the works now for a few years.

Paul Rudd stars alongside the likes of Michael Douglas and Hayley Atwell as Scott Lang, a con man who has to pull off the greatest heist of his career in order to save the world.

Now I have liked a number of the superhero films that have been released over the years and count the original X-Men movie as one of my favourites of all time. However, I have grown tired of Hollywood trawling through comic books to pick their next on-screen adaptation and would rather that they just left comics alone to be read by mostly single, overweight, middle-aged men who have nothing more in life to look forward to but a lifetime of solitude in front of the next episode of Star Trek (the original series of course, because REAL fans don’t like any others…)

Needless to say that I was never keen on Ant-Man being made into a movie, and if I tell the whole truth, I knew nothing of the character to begin with. My opinions haven’t been swayed with the release of the first full trailer and it even goes as far as to satirise itself with the inclusion of a joke about the character’s name. If you feel the need to deride the name of the movie and the main character, in order to get a cheap laugh then I don’t think this movie will be a success, it certainly doesn’t bode well, for viewers such as myself who don’t care either way. I will probably see it to give my review, but it’s not a film I will be especially adding to my “Must See” list in 2015. Here is the full trailer, please feel free to comment and share. =)