So this week brought us the first image featuring Ben Affleck as Batman and also the added attraction of the new Batmobile (albeit only the cockpit).

Oh my word! The amount of creaming about this photo that is going on over the internet is incredible. Personally, I don’t know what the whole hoo-ha is about. I actually think that the Batman vs Superman film is going to be a terrible film and yet another needless superhero movie.

I am almost done with the whole superhero thing, after so many disappointments recently. The world orgasmed over The Avengers – I hated it. That same fanboy world gushed over Iron Man 3 – I hated it. Yet again we see another reboot (WHY!) of the Batman franchise when the last reboot has only just finished and I can’t help thinking that it will be hugely successful, but I will indeed hate it.

Now please bear in mind that this is not any reflection on Ben Affleck, I was actually in his corner when it was announced that he would be playing the part of Batman when that same fanboy world that is now banging on about how cool he looks all cried NOOOOOOOOOOOOO!

We shall see, and I will probably get around to watching it at some point when it is released, but I won’t be rushing out to the cinema and queuing for hours just to get a ticket before anyone else. I am more looking forward to the new TV show Gotham which is out this autumn which traces the origins of some of DC Comics most well know characters growing up in a city that has danger lurking around every dark corner.