It’s over, and this year it was yet another anti-climax when it came to the voting. Here are my reasons why.

This year was a very even final set of participants with no clear bad or good split in each half. The eventual winner Austria put in a superb performance, but so did many other countries on the night. I am sorry, but without that ridiculous beard, Conchita Wurst would NOT have won this contest. the gimmick appears to have paid off and I am very annoyed to be honest.

The booing of Russia was completely inevitable and fully deserved of course. The Netherlands? where did that come from, it was one of the songs that I hated the most and to finish in the top 3 was a real surprise. My favourite song Romania was nowhere to be seen and I was sad to see the UK finish so low and I think she deserved much better than the 17th place.

I almost got the top 3 correct with Austria and Sweden both finishing in the main positions. Armenia who I predicted would do well finished just outside in 4th place so I didn’t do too badly.

I still feel that the winning act was a novelty and for me it vilifies all the sceptics of Eurovision that just take the piss out of the competition. Just for once it should be a song and act that actually deserve to win it without the use of a gimmick. In my opinion Austria deserved to do well, but it wasn’t a winner for me and I shall just have to jar my disappointment once again and wait for next year’s batch of songs.

Until 2015, thank you all for reading my blogs and hope that we will meet again next year.