The second semi final last night went without a hitch and there were a couple of surprises on the night. With one less song to perform than there had been on Tuesday, there was a little time-wasting to be done at half-time and while the votes were readied, but eventually we got our 10 qualifiers who will join the rest on Saturday in the Grand Final of this year’s Eurovision. The qualifiers:

  • Malta
  • Norway
  • Poland
  • Austria
  • Finland
  • Belarus
  • Switzerland
  • Greece
  • Slovenia
  • Romania

The surprises for me were the qualification of Slovenia who I really didn’t think had a strong enough song and Poland who’s inane whittering song just annoyed the hell out of me. I suspect they only made it through thanks to the two girls oozing their breasts all over the stage. Hey-ho.

Austria made it through. The bearded lady put in a hell of a performance and is now one of the favourites at the bookies to win the contest, just behind Sweden and The Netherlands!? Sweden I understand, but The Netherlands? Jeez – wrist slashing or what? Anyway, there weren’t any really poor performances from the acts, but Romania were my favourite and remain my favourite song of the contest this year, what a voice Paula Seling has. They should have stuck with the holographic trickery they used in their own qualifiers though, it was much more effective.

One thing I have liked have been the flag videos that the artists have been doing before each performance to show where they are from, some of them have been very nicely done and it a little different from just seeing the sights around the host country every year. All in all I have enjoyed the semi finals and look forward to the Final on Saturday. I hope you will stop by and read my preview of the final and my thoughts and review when we have a winner. See you all soon 😉 I will leave you with Romania’sMiracle” from Thursday night.