Its Eurovision week everyone! The time has finally arrived for me to give my run-down of the 10 countries that I think will qualify from Tuesday’s first semi final into Saturday’s Grand Final. As I have said whilst introducing the songs to you all on this blog, I feel that the crop of songs this year is the poorest for some number of years and it has been very difficult to pick 10 clear favourites so I have had to rely on chatter, odds, social media and my own opinion in order to pick. Heres goes… I am not usually too far out, let’s see shall we?

SwedenSanna Nielsen – “Undo” Very quickly becoming the fans favourite this year and it stands a huge chance of picking up the winner’s trophy. A very good song, but is spoiled for me with the silly u-uw-u-wndo..bit in the chorus.

ArmeniaAram MP3 – “Not Alone” The favourite at the bookmakers. I’m not sure why, but there is definitely appeal from this song. It will do very well, but I still don;t think it’s a winner. Top 5? More likely.

AzerbaijanDilara Kazimova – “Start A Fire” A stunning voice and a very good ballad. Perhaps a little too boring to win though. I’m not a huge fan of this but I think it will make it through.

BelgiumAxel Hirsoux – “Mother” This guy has an amazing voice and performs this song very well. Can Belgium qualify this year? I think this will sneak in right at the end, but won’t do great shakes in the final itself.

HungaryKallay Saunders – “Running” A very good song that I do like, but I just feel the whole message of the song is too much for Eurovision. It would be a worthy qualifier though and should get some decent votes in the final.

UkraineMaria Yaremchuk – “Tick-Tock” This will make it through. I have picked this over Russia because I think there will be a massive boycott of their song. I don’t like this, but one of them always qualifies. Not a winner though.

EstoniaTanja – “Amazing” This is a throwback to Loreen and with its big dance routine, it should make it through to Saturday I think. The song isn’t one of my favourites, but this poor semi final throws up little competition.

LatviaAarzemnieki – “Cake To Bake” As much as it pains me to say it, I just think that this will make it through. I still have no idea what the song is about but in the interests of a bit of variety, I’ll put this in my predictions.

IcelandPollaponk – “No Prejudice“. Let’s all get on with each other. I don’t think this will do anything at all, but I want it to and so I put it in my list. A simple message and funky beat that is pleasant on the ears.

San MarinoValentina Monetta – “Maybe” Third time lucky for this young lady. I really want her to qualify, she’s now tried for three years just to get to the final and deserved it last year but was overlooked. Perhaps a bit old-fashioned this one, but good enough.

So there are my 10 predictions to make it through to the final on Saturday. Lets just see how many I get right or whether I am just dead wrong. Either way, it should be fun and I love bringing you all my thoughts and previews. Happy Eurovision everyone!