So finally, before I present my first semi final preview, I shall showcase the songs from the “Big 5” – that is the five countries that put the most money into making Eurovision what it is – UK, Germany, Spain, France and Italy who rejoined the contest a couple of years ago after a long hiatus.

germanyFirst up, Germany. This song has all the hallmarks of a Pink song. The singer Elaiza, even has a similar image and voice. “Is It Right?” is one of those songs that has its niche and I would say that for me it is the weakest of the 5 songs here. It kinda plods along without ever really reaching a crescendo of any kind, but some people just like that kind of thing right? Its performed well and as all these songs are automatic qualifiers, we WILL see them in the final. Elaiza for me will be a right hand of the table finisher and probably the lowest of the Big 5 countries.

italyNext on the list is Italy. Since their return, they have really taken then contest seriously and have finished in the top 10 the last 3 years. Their act this year is female soloist Emma and the song “La Mia Citta” is a really catchy number. this has a big chance this year and I reckon this will be second in the big 5 chart by the end of the contest. I have a feeling that Toyah features in her influences somewhere, but the song itself is a real good rock song and gets going pretty quickly. Definitely a foot-tapper and should be a spectacular visual experience on the night on the Danish stage which is very artist friendly. Look out for this one.

spainThird up is Spain. A country that has entered a massive range of music over the years from serious to comedy and has never really excelled at the process. This year they are taking it seriously, but not quite serious enough to actually win it (that would cost them too much). Ruth Lorenzo sings “Dancing In The Rain” is a very good ballad that starts off slow and rises to a dramatic finish. She has a wonderful voice and should sing the hell out of it on the night. I don’t think its a winner but should do reasonably well, perhaps make it into the top 15.

franceOur second last Big 5 song is from France. They, like Spain, have had some curious entries over the years, but unlike Spain this year, they have gone for a slightly different direction. Twin Twin’s song “Moustache” could be considered a comedy song, but personally I find it very catchy and novel. The music is very clearly pop in style and geared towards the club scene, and probably goes down a storm in France. It wouldn’t do so well here in the UK, but I reckon this might cause a few surprises in terms of votes on Saturday. You’d be hard-pressed not to be tapping a finger or two while listening to this one after a few times. Viva La Moustache? Qui.

unitedkingdomLastly I come to our very own entry Molly from the UK performing “Children of the Universe“. I really didn’t like this when it was first aired here, but over the weeks it has really grown on me and this girl can actually sing. For real. Properly! I know, who would have thunk it? The bookmakers here now have the song at 8/1 THIRD favourite to win and firstly I think this will be the best of the Big 5, and I also think it has the right elements to be a top 5 contender in the final. Gone it seems are the days of old has-beens and hoping that their fame from yester-year will bring us success. Molly was carefully selected from the BBC’s Introducing programme on BBC radio which has seen some famous names like Florence & The Machine come through its doors. The track is also gathering a lot of pace across Europe as a serious contender for winning this year and to be honest, there isn’t a massive amount of competition. This just could be our year you know. Lets wait and see. I’m predicting top 5 and CERTAINLY the top 10.

Please return early Tuesday for my Semi Final 1 Preview and Predictions post. I will pick my ten qualifiers to make it through to Saturday’s final. How will I do? Find out soon.