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Hey look at that everyone? I did it! 3rd year running. I have survived the A-Z Challenge yet again. This year was a year that despite being very busy with my home life and new baby, I was able to post about some of my favourite movies of all time and I hope that you enjoyed reading my posts.

Unlike my previous two attempts at the A-Z, I was ready to go before the 1st and had all my posts written, formatted, pictured and scheduled for each day and didn’t have to worry about anything being written at the last-minute in time for the next day. This was very satisfying and I am even going to try having my posts for NEXT year written well before next year (I hope).

The other thing I was quite pleased about was being able to get my wife to do the A-Z for the first time. Kell is a very good blogger and to be able to persuade her to do it was another notch on my bedpost so to speak.  Finally I was honoured to be asked to be a helper for the first time this year. checking blogs to make sure they were in accordance with the rules. I have to admit that I didn’t manage to fulfil that task to the best of my ability, mainly due to time constraints in my life, but if asked again I gladly accept the duty, so thanks =)

I hope that any of you reading this will check out my blog again. I am thinking of having a revamp at some point in the future on the content of the overall blog but for the moment it will feature the usual movie reviews and Eurovision series. Be sure to check out Kell & I’s new blog He Said, She Said where we discuss a topic as and when it presents itself and we either fight furiously or have the same opinion. My sons also have a blog called Dear Mummy & Daddy that will feature some amusing anecdotes and perhaps even a video movie review or two from my 5-year-old Xander.

survivor-atoz [2014]