With only a few days to go now until the first semi final, I need to get these finished off with my thoughts. Here are the last five songs from the second semi final.

fyrmacedoniaMacedonia are first today. This is possibly my favourite from the entire contest, I like this a lot and think it will easily fly into the final. A high tempo pop song that is well performed by Tijana. It should certainly get the crowd going a bit after all these ballads. “To The Sky” is much more my kind of thing and if it was to win, I would not be disappointed at all. Hopefully she can put in a performance that does her justice on the night.

switzerlandNext we are off to Switzerland and a song called “Hunter of Stars” performed by Sebalter which is a strange tune. It has one of those whistling hooks that is initially annoying, but after a few listenings becomes quite catchy. This one isn’t too bad and has cultured a small following across Europe from what I have read online. This mix of folk and pop has a chance of qualifying and might be one of those that everyone passes on and it then goes on to do very well. He has a bit of Alexander Rybak about him I think.

greeceThird today is Greece, who still manage to qualify each year and finished the final last year with a very respectable 6th place. This year, Freaky Fortune featuring Riskykidd have gone down the pop/rap route and it quite catchy in actual fact. I reckon this will qualify for the final. “Rise Up” didn’t make me switch off which is normally a good sign. It’s not something I would buy, but my son seemed to enjoy it and was dancing around the living room. Perhaps this is a good bet for top 3? We shall see.

sloveniaSecond last – nearly there now. Tinkara Kovac sings “Round and Round” in her own language with some English thrown in for good measure (and a few votes). Certainly one of the better tracks this year, their record at Eurovision isn’t the best and I fear that will be more of the same for this country and will fail to qualify. Some traditional instruments in this one aswell and you never know, it might sneak in at the end. Slovenia have only qualified twice for the final in the last 10 years. Make of that what you will.

romaniaLastly, Romania. This is one of my favourite tracks this year. Now you may recognise this pair. Paula Seling & Ovi have performed at Eurovision before, way back in 2010. Back then they finished in 3rd place with “Playing With Fire. This year, their song “Miracle” is better and their clever use of a holographic screen to interact with as part of their stage performance is nicely done. I really like this one and its something I would listen to after the contest has ended. I expect this to sail into the final and finish top 10 in the final on Saturday night.