Here’s another five from the upcoming second semi final of this year’s Eurovision Song Contest.

austriaNext in the lineup is Austria. Now viewers will get a kick out of this one. Conchita Wurst is a drag act, much like Lilly Savage, but he includes the beard! The song “Rise Like A Phoenix” is a very slow ballad. However, as well as the guy can sing, he will only be seen by many in Europe as a comedy act and one those that proves the Euro-sceptics right. A pity as the song itself is half decent. Perhaps he should have left the beard behind?

lithuaniaSecond, we go to Lithuania. One of the more pop style tracks this year. How irritating is this record?! “D-d-d-d-d-d-d-d down”, God! Its awful. The writers couldn’t come up with some other words to fit in the lines of the song? This has to be one of the worst songs this year and Vilija Mataciunaite, who performs “Attention” isn’t that good either. This one will fail to make it to the final – I hope. Please, can someone get me out of Lithuania? Ah, I see my rescuer on the Finnish horizon…

finlandAnd so to Finland. Softengine perform the song “Something Better“. This could be a Killers song. Very VERY similar to much of their stuff. I like this one, but I fear that because of that it won’t qualify and make my viewing of the final much more pleasurable this year. I could be wrong though and I certainly hope that this goes through, it could be a high scorer if the right audience is watching on the night. This track is a stand out one for me from this year’s crop of unexciting tunes. Have a look…

imagesIreland’s entry this year is performed by Can-Linn featuring Kasey Smith and the song is “Heartbeat“. This one sound a little like an Erasure song in places, and I know that Ireland like using traditional instruments in their songs, but for me they kind of spoil the song a little. I think they should have gone for something a little rockier as backing music, rather the folk angle. That’s just me and its a matter of opinion. The song itself is listenable and may just sneak into the final. Will it do as well as Jedward a couple of years ago? I doubt it.

belarusLast today is Belarus. TEO performs “Cheescake“. This is a weird one. A stilted love song that sounds a little like Pink’sStupid Girls“. The use of the word “cheesecake” just makes the whole song immature and not a serious contender here this year. He performs it well, but it won’t get through in my opinion. Strangely though, as the song continued, it grew on me a little more, so you never know, it might just make it through after all lol. 3 minutes is a long time at Eurovision. Give me your thoughts please. More tomorrow =)