And so it is into the second semi final we head with a vengeance. 15 more songs for you and I’ll split it into a nice 5 songs per post, Nice. On we go then…

maltaMalta take to the stage first on Thursday 8th May and they have had a pretty decent record qualifying for the final, 22 out of 26 appearances can’t be mocked. this year, Firelight go folk/country/blue-grass with a song called “Coming Home“. It has a good beat, but the style isn’t one of my favourites I have to say. The song itself is an anti-war message which I feel will be lost on the Danish audience. this would stand more of a chance further East I think. I think it might sneak into the final though.

israelSecond today is Israel. A much rockier track here and more my kind of thing. However, I don’t think the singer is that great and they have entered much better songs than this and failed. Hebrew isn’t an attractive language to be honest, particularly when sung, so they have split it half way with English which does make it appeal more to a wider audience. this is one that I do like, but its not a winner I’m afraid. The song is called “Same Heart” and is performed by Mei Finegold.

norwayNext up? Another ballad. This time from Carl Espen of Norway. this exceedingly dull song called “Silent Storm” is one that will get very few points in this semi final. This kind of song has been done to death at Eurovision and more often that not, fails dismally; this is no different with a lone singer against a strings and piano backing just doesn’t win the contest by any stretch of the imagination. Sorry Norway, you should have tried someone else, but good luck anyway…

georgiaGeorgia is where we are headed next and The Shin & Mariko perform a song called “Three Minutes to Earth“. Oh my God, this is terrible. it sounds like something that belongs in the TV show Twin Peaks. This will NOT qualify, and if it does, I will stop reporting on Eurovision for this blog. I cannot say anything more about how bad this song is. Sorry Georgia, but this is far to old skool for Eurovision.

polandLastly is Poland. this is where we leave it for today and it is the return of Poland who we haven’t seen since way back in 2011. They do like their hip hop music, and this twerk-fest is destined to fail. Annoying and very obviously trying to cash in on the Miley Cyrus factor around the world. Donatan & Cleo perform “My Slowanie” I would be very surprised if this makes it through to the final. Not for me Poland, you have done better in the past.

More in a day or two.