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So I will finish off the first semi final entrants today and be straight on with the second semi final songs from tomorrow. Four today, please comment =)

portugalFirst up, Portugal. Returning this year after not participating in 2013, and they haven’t really pushed the boat out to mark their first contest since 2012. Suzy sings “Quero Ser Tua” and this song is a perfect example of why Eurovision gets so much bad press. This late 80s sounding pop song is rubbish, and I mean RUBBISH. She is a decent singer, but nor great and not one of the people on stage can dance. See for yourself…

thenetherlandsThe Netherlands sure do love their country music, and this is what I compare their entry to this year. The Common Linnets song “Calm After The Storm” is a simple duet. Nicely sung, but not for me. I am actually really struggling this year to even find 10 songs that I really like from the whole contest, let alone 10 to qualify from this semi final. The song itself doesn’t go anywhere fast; in fact it doesn’t go anywhere at all and I just cannot see this qualifying. Move over Holland, back to the cheese for you lot.

montenegroOur penultimate song today is from Montenegro where we find Sergej Cetkovic crooning a ballad called “Moj svijet(My World). Their 100/1 odds to win would seem to solidify my opinion that this one won’t make it to the final, but with the poor showing from the rest of this semi final, you just never know and there are a lot of ballads competing this year, it seems to be the style this year. They have yet to qualify for a final, could this be their year?

hungaryAnd finally for this semi final, Hungary. The song “Running” performed by Andras Kallay-Saunders is one of those songs with a huge message. This song is ultra modern, sung well and should see its way through to the final with little effort. However, I am not a big fan of the chorus beat, it’s too dub/hip hop/garage for me. Give me an old-fashioned 4/4 beat any day. See what you think… the bookies think it has a good chance at 17/1.

And that completes the first semi final. With only a week left until this contest gets underway, final preparations will be being made to fine tune performances and to try to get maximum exposure for each act. Good luck to those here, and look out for my Semi Final 1 Preview & Predictions post soon.