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Time is getting on now so I had better get my ass in gear if I am to bring you all the entrants in time. Moving straight on with former winners of the contest, Azerbaijan.

azerbaijanThey won Eurovision just three years ago now (wow already?) and this year they have entered a song called “Start A Fire” and is performed by Dilara Kazimova. This slow solo ballad will probably stand a good chance of qualifying, purely on their past record which is exceptionally good. As for the song itself? I’m not a fan of this. Too slow for me and doesn’t really build to anything spectacular.

ukraineNext today is the entry from Russia’s current best friends, Ukraine. I am positive that something will kick off either during this first semi-final or the final itself regarding the political position there just now, but Ukraine’s song “Tick-Tock” performed by Maria Yaremchuk is a pop number with some annoying rhymes and uninspiring lyrics. this one is a borderline case for qualification in my opinion. It kinda reminds me of Pif-Paf-Pof

belgiumThird today is Belgium. Not a country with a lot of success at Eurovision, but they are trying their hand this year with a ballad sung by Axel Hirsoux who appears to be very popular, and the song is called “Mother“. He has a pleasant enough voice and can certainly sing the song well, but its just not something that grabs me at all. I find this stuff all very boring. I am definitely a fan of the more upbeat Eurovision song, and while I have liked a lot of balads in the past, this entry unfortunately is not one of them.

moldovaNumber four today is more my kind of thing. A slow song, but electronica in style. Very 80s I suppose you could say. Moldova have entered some good songs in the past and I think this one is a good candidate to qualify if Cristina Scarlat can put in a great performance. The song is called “Wild Soul“, and although it doesn’t really go anywhere, it gets straight to the point and is over before you know it.

sanmarinoLastly today, lets head to San Marino. Now here is a lady that is super determined to qualify for a Eurovision Grand Final. Valentina Monetta is trying for the third year in a row to get to the final although last year should have been her year. In 2014, her song “Maybe” isn’t as good as the 2013 effort, but might just get in due to the lack of decent songs overall in the contest this year. Its a poppy ballad and it listenable. It does remind me of something from the 70s era.