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H” is for Hot Fuzz (2007)

how’s about this for a storyline then – an ace Met cop with an amazing result record earns himself a move to a sleepy village where some alarming things have been happening in a place where there is no serious crime at all.

Nicholas Angel is convinced that there is a conspiracy in the village of Sandford. There is action, drama, comedy and death all in an hour and a half, what more could you want?

Hot Fuzz is the second in the Simon Pegg/Nick Frost trio of films, Shaun Of The Dead, Hot Fuzz and The World’s End, which is often referred to as the Three Flavours Cornetto Trilogy. Personally, I think that Hot Fuzz is the funniest of the three movies. It just appealed to me much more than the other two. I have never been much of a zombies fan, and have always thought that Shaun Of The Dead isn’t as good as everyone else makes it out to be.

MV5BMTIxODg2NDU1MF5BMl5BanBnXkFtZTcwOTc3MDM0MQ@@._V1_SX214_I found that I could identify with the film a lot more and I think I’ve seen it quite a few times now. I love how this film is shot; its exciting action on top of fast jokes and that makes the whole things really cheesy, but in a very funny way, and there is no better way of doing this that a massive gun fight in a supermarket of all places. I think its a particularly British film this one in terms of humour and I don’t think that Americans would get it.

There is also an array of big name actors in here. Timothy Dalton, Olivia Colman, Edward Woodward, Martin Freeman, Jim Broadbent and Bill Nighy. Also, despite all these big names, the screen time is shared pretty equally. It seems that they did this film for the fun of it rather than the big paycheck which is nice to see. The film was out in 2007, although is doesnt seem that long ago which I think is testament to how much I enjoy it and how fresh it is and worth dropping everything to watch it whenever it is on the small screen.

Fun Fact: When in costume Nick Frost and Simon Pegg often were assumed to be police officers. Many strangers asked them for directions and instead of telling the truth they went along with it. They claimed it made them feel powerful.