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Well, its that time of year again when it is only a month until the 2014 Eurovision Song Contest. I had better get a move on with my reviews and thoughts on this years entries, but first, lets see who is actually participating in the contest this year.

Albania, Macedonia, Montenegro, Slovenia, Switzerland, Estonia, Finland, Iceland, Latvia, Lithuania, Azerbaijan, Belarus, Georgia, Russia, Ukraine, Armenia, Belgium, Greece, Ireland, Netherlands, Austria, Hungary, Poland, San Marino, Malta, Moldova, Portugal, Romania and of course, the Big 5 – UK, Germany, Spain, France and Italy.

So, there are a few missing again as there was last year, but we still have a total of 37 which will mean 2 semi finals and the grand final. Well, I might as well get straight onto having a look at some songs, so I will do it in 3 song batches starting with the first semi final from the top and that means Armenia.

armeniaA slow ballad song here from Armenia’s entry Aram MP3. The song is called “Not Alone“. The singer here has a similar voice to Michael Buble, but not as good, but the song is a strange one, and its very repetitive and it doesn’t really do it for me.  I fail to see how this is considered the favourite for the tournament, but as we have seen from the previous two years’ contest, the top choice has won. Hopefully this year will buck the trend. What do you think?

latviaNext up is Latvia. I have always had a soft spot for their entries and this year they are trying to entice us in with some cooking. Aarzemnieki’s entry “Cake To Bake” is one of those songs that gives Eurovision a bad name. It’s a stupid song about baking a cake with stupid lyrics and a happy-go-lucky tune that is completely cheesy. This won’t qualify…hopefully. Go away and come back when you take it seriously please Latvia. Where are the days of “My Star” 😉

estoniaAfter that 3 minutes of garbage, lets move onto Estonia. Ah I see, they are trying the Swedish tactic from a couple of years ago. Tanja sings “Amazing” which is pretty much a complete ripoff of “Euphoria” which won the contest 2 years ago. A little more to this song, but it’s not a winner for me. It might qualify for the final but it will be an outsider if it does. I don’t like it that much, but to be honest, there isn’t an awful lot that I do like this year, I think this year’s crop of entries is the poorest for a number of years. Any thoughts on that?

More for you in a couple of days folks. Until then, have a listen to these and send me your thoughts on my thoughts. =)