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As I begin this year’s A-Z Challenge, I hope that some of these posts will inspire you to have a look at these movies (if you haven’t seen them already) and I look forward to reading your comments and perhaps sharing some of your memories when you see these great films, so as I was saying…

A” is for A Few Good Men (1992)

aaron Sorkin is one of the finest writers in Hollywood and A Few Good Men is one of his first pieces of work. A successful play on stage, the film was made in 1992 and brought together some of the finest acting talent together at the time.

Tom Cruise stars as Daniel Kaffee, a young, egotistical hot-shot of a JAG lawyer who is called upon to represent to young marines who are up on charges of causing the death of a fellow marine during a hazing. They claim however, that the “Code Red” order was given from their superiors against the regulations of the Army and they should be cleared of any wrong doing because they were only following orders. Kaffee has to get to the bottom of what went on in the Guantanamo Bay base and what actual orders were given and by whom and in the process take on perhaps his biggest opponent yet, Colonel Nathan Jessop played here by Jack Nicholson.

MV5BMTkzNzE3Njg4Ml5BMl5BanBnXkFtZTYwMjA4NzM5._V1_SY317_CR2,0,214,317_What I love about this movie is that it just has everything in it. The story is fantastic, the acting is sublime, the writing is exquisite and Sorkin went on to pen The West Wing which is my favourite TV show of all time. Cruise really showed his acting chops in this movie. Yes, yes, I know – he had done serious roles before, but I think this is still his finest performance, and Jack Nicholson? Well, Jack is Jack; you know? Perfect.

Fun Fact: Wolfgang Bodison was working for Rob Reiner on A Few Good Men as a location scout when Reiner decided he was perfect for the part of Lance Corporal Harold Dawson. Reiner said he looked like a marine. Turns out, he was a bloody good actor aswell, he puts in one hell of a performance.

If you haven’t seen this film, then Smurfin’ The Web says – “WHY THE HELL NOT!”