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Oscar-Statuette-2087869 copyLook at the date! Only 4 days to go until The Oscars this year and I am behind on my film reviews for Best Motion Picture. Shame on me. Anyhoo, I will push straight on with my first of TWO reviews today for this category. I begin with a big winner at this year’s BAFTAS. Gravity took away 6 of the British awards this year and has also bagged a Golden Globe. At the Academy Awards, Alfonso Cuaron’s space disaster movie is up for 10 Oscars! I think the critics are expecting a similar performance on Sunday night. I beg to differ.


The movie is about a space shuttle crew who are on a repair mission when an accident leaves the some of the crew adrift in space. This small cast movie has been a big hit in the box office and as I already stated has been a big winner on the awards circuit this year.

gravity-movie-poster-closeupI am a science fiction fan. I always have been and I love space movies. This attempt for me was awful. Gravity is this year’s Zero Dark Thirty in my opinion although it is not quite as bad as that. I seriously do not know what all the hype is about. This film bored me after one of the principal characters is killed off and I had no emotional connection to the surviving character. I really didn’t care if they made it back to Earth or not and in actual fact, I would have preferred it if the roles had been reversed. The filming of the movie is great and visually is looks fantastic and I reckon that the 3D would be stunning, but unfortunately plus points like these weren’t ever going to be good enough to rescue the poor storyline and lack of empathy for the main character Ryan Stone, played by Sandra Bullock, who by the way has been nominated for the Best Actress award this year…

I just don’t think that this year’s crop of nominees has been quite as impressive as in previous years and I am finding it very hard to saying positive things about these movies. Perhaps my next review will be able to redeem the nominations somewhat. For Gravity however, I think this one will be coming back down to Earth with a very big bump following its lofty success elsewhere. The Oscars are a different kettle of fish.

Smurfin’ The Web Rating: 2stars