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Seeing as this will be the first Top 5 list that I have done here at Smurfin’ The Web and because of my love of movies, I will start us off on an easy one.

What is my top 5…Science Fiction Movies

MV5BMTA4MDQxNTk2NDheQTJeQWpwZ15BbWU3MDE2NjIyODk@._V1_SX214_Coming in at Number 5Blade Runner. Starring Harrison Ford, Sean Young and Rutger Hauer this sci-fi classic should be a movie that everyone should watch at some point in their lives. A brilliant blend of suspense, action and delightful music from Vangelis make this film a great watch. Based on the story “Do Androids Dream Of Electric Sheep” by Philip K. Dick this dystopian thriller is certainly one of my favourite science fiction movies of all time. Directed by Ridley Scott. It was nominated for 2 Oscars which it didn’t win, but I think it deserved much more than that. Rutger Hauer’s performance as replicant Roy Batty is just superb and the movie really does leave you thinking. Apparently a sequel is now in the works according to Ridley Scott. Whether Ford stars will be another question as he is attached to the new Star Wars project which will affect his schedule somewhat.

EquilibriumposterAt Number 4? – Equilibrium. This is one of those movies that I feel was really hard done by when it was released. Christian Bale and Sean Penn star in this movie that had a lot of the hallmarks of The Matrix, but in my opinion executed them in a better way. Yeah okay, it didn’t have all the “Bullet Time” and flying around, but it has some very original ideas such as the Gun Kata which was very believable for this movie. The story is engaging and there are some fine performances. I think this deserved more in the way of awards. Christian Bale really came onto my radar through this movie, although I had seen him in other films, I really liked this one. Is it better than Blade Runner I hear you shout? I think so, its faster paced and although makes you think, its not as deep, more of an action thinker movie.

So moving onto Number 3. I think a lot of people will disagree with me here, but Aliens is my next choice. That’s right, not the first movie, but the sequel. As much as I enjoyed the original Ridley Scott movie, I have to say that I prefer the follow up which of course was directed by James Cameron. There is just so much more going on in this movie in terms of action. The original was all about the suspense and fear of not knowing what is coming; here its is just the other way around and the tech used in this film is just so much more awesome. It was a 7 year wait between the two movies, but I think it was worth it and so this is the first sequel to enter my top five this week. The series went onto to spawn another 2 movies and spin offs, but this was always my favourite. Another Aliens movie? I guess there will be at some point.

twok_poster-199x300Almost there, but who got the runner up spot? Well, one of my loves is Star Trek and no top 5 of mine would be complete without some Trek in there and its Star Trek II: The Wrath Of Khan that gets the Number 2 spot. Easily the best of the series of movies (including the new reboots), this is just a great story. It gave us so much more that the original movie had and really made Star Trek a huge success on the big screen as well as the small screen. With a great cast, great story, great action and special effects, this film will be considered my most movie lovers as one of the greatest science fiction films ever made and deservedly so. As for the most recent take on The Wrath Of Khan? it just wasn’t the same. That story arc was only ever meant for Kirk. It’s a great movie, but not great enough for my top 5. Let’s get on with the winner…
G163-195Number 1. It’s obvious isn’t it? Yes of course it is Star Wars V: The Empire Strikes Back. Without doubt the best science fiction movie of all time. I actually prefer the Star Trek universe to Star Wars, but in terms of movies, there is just something dark about TESB that makes it so much better. Continuing the story from A New Hope, this sequel was way darker, more fulfilling and set the story up brilliantly for its dramatic conclusion. Of course, revealing the truth about Darth Vader was a huge shock to all concerned and its done in a great way. The action in this film is great, and I don’t think there is anything about this movie that you can complain about. The script is great, the acting superb and the effects so much ahead of their time. George Lucas broke the mould with this one and most science fiction films since have been trying to replicate that secret recipe and failing.

So there you have it. My top 5 science fiction movies of all time. I cannot go without leaving a few notable mentions. Flash Gordon, Tron, Superman II, Back To The Future and The Terminator. I have to pick 5 and these were almost in there.

Do you have a Top 5? leave your comments below, I’d love to read your lists.