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Welcome to The Back Pages and I thought I would kick this right off with some Formula 1 news. The teams have been releasing their new car designs to the public and there have been some drastic changes to the aerodynamics of the cars in accordance with the new rules which state that the front wings have to be much lower than in previous years. This means that the sight of the high noses with two vertical fins have now disappeared and have been replaced with something that is splitting fans’ opinions around the world. Williams, McLaren, Force India and Lotus have all now released pictures of their new cars for the coming season and I am not sure which I prefer.

Some examples so far. What do you think. There certainly doesn’t appear to be a standard design here which is nice to see unlike in recent years.

With Force India deciding not to actually show the nose section in their new car (see the title image above) and Red Bull remaining VERY quiet, the first race of the season is going to be very interesting and we will see how these new aerodynamics compare when it comes to qualifying and race day.

I’m waiting for the new Mercedes design aswell. Following the departure of driver Paul Di Resta from the Force India team, I have decided to follow Nico Rosberg in the Mercedes this year and hope that the team can bring some more competition to the table this year to try and destabalise Red Bull’s grip on all things Formula 1.