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Oscar-Statuette-2087869 copyOne the the major contenders for Best Motion Picture this year is the David O.Russell movie American Hustle. This all star casting has had a lot of nominations at all the major award ceremonies and has in total been given 10 nods at the big one, The Academy Awards. Last year, Russell gave us the surprise hit of the year in Silver Linings Playbook which earned Jennifer Lawrence a statue for Best Actress. This time around, she hooks up with Bradley Cooper yet again to see if the success can be repeated. Joining them in the cast is Christian Bale and Amy Adams in what could be the Oscar success of 2014.
The story centres around a pair of con artists who hook up to pull a big sting and end up getting caught out by Federal agent Richie DiMaso who makes the couple pull a huge sting in order to avoid jail. DiMaso is a young, ambitious agent who think that getting some politicians caught out taking bribes and involved in dodgy deals will get him on the fast track to promotion. Little does he know that there is much more going on in his world than he realises.

american-hustleWell, what did I think of it? Very disappointed. After loving Silver Linings Playbook, I just found this extremely boring, long-winded and with little to no pay off at the end of the movie. I have to be honest and say that there much better episodes of the TV show Hustle that were much more clever and more entertaining. I personally think that American Hustle has had far too much hype attached to it due to the impressive cast and I feel that it is because of the four big names in this film that it has been awarded so many nominations which for me shouldn’t be the only reason that it has earned ten nominations. It should be a case of the whole bundle, and for me the story lets this film down big time. I guess the critics that vote on this type of thing obviously feel that this fact is not important. Don’t get me wrong, there are some fine performances that would perhaps warrant the actor nominations, but not the in lead actor categories.

In conclusion, American Hustle is an over-hyped super cast movie that has no pace and continues along at this same slow pace without ever getting you excited. I have a feeling that because almost the entire cast has been nominated here they will walk away with at least two Oscar in the acting categories, but for me, the wait just wasn’t worth and best con here is the one on the person that pays to see this movie at the cinema.

Smurfin’ The Web Rating: 2stars