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Oscar-Statuette-2087869 copyContinuing with my Oscars series now with one of the movies hotly tipped to win some awards this year at The Academy Awards, The Wolf Of Wall Street. This year’s directorial effort from the renowned Martin Scorsese is a dramatisation of the written memoirs of the real life “Wolf of Wall Street”, Jordan Belfort. The film has earned itself an impressive 5 Oscar nominations including Best Picture, Best Actor and Best Director. More importantly for me from a personal fanpoint is the second nomination for Jonah Hill for Best Supporting Actor in his portrayal of Belfort’s right hand man Donnie Azoff who is based upon the real life exploits of Danny Porush.

Our film opens with a young, naive, newly qualified stockbroker making his way in the world on Wall Street, but following the collapse of Rothchild’s, he finds himself unemployed and struggling to make ends meet until he gets a job selling cheap shares to small investors and finds that he can make a lot of money. This small success spirals upwards into a huge new firm and a completely hedonistic lifestyle that turns this once dumb new kid on the block into a rich, drug addicted, giant of the financial world. Along the way, his firm’s exploits attract the attention of an FBI agent called Patrick Denham (played by Kyle Chandler) who makes it his mission to bring Belfort and his associates down in any way he can, and he is a very patient man.

Wolf-of-Wallstreet-585x370The Wolf Of Wall Street is based on the real life memoirs of Jordan Belfort, and they certainly are entertaining. Whether all of the things that happen in the film actually took place is for him to know I suppose, but if any of it is true, then is was definitely one hell of a ride for him, stupid, but amazing. The film is done in typical Scorsese style and apparently now holds the record for the number of uses of the “F” Word in cinematic history. There are also a number of occasions where cast members speak directly to us, the audience. I have always liked this style in films and its used here to explain a number of situations that arise. The cast is also excellent and as I said before, I am glad that Jonah Hill has been recognised with a second nomination for a serious movie, although there is a lot of comedy in this, it is to me primarily a gritty financial drama and Hill plays his part with aplomb.

In the five categories the movie is nominated in, it is hard to see where the awards are going to come from as there is a lot of stiff competition against it this year. It has been some time since Leonardo DiCaprio has been nominated for an Oscar and with him about to take a break from the movie business, it would certainly please me to see him get the statue this year, I think over the years he has deserved one and always lost out. Matthew McConaughy might have something to say about it though as his film Dallas Buyers Club has already earned him a Golden Globe for Best Actor this year. McConaughy, incidentally, also appears in The Wolf Of Wall Street as Belfort’s mentor at Rothchild’s and perhaps the instigator in his downfall by setting him on the slippery slope to addiction and ultimate ruin.

I reckon that if you liked the 80s movie Wall Street starring Michael Douglas, then you will probably like this one aswell, as its a similar kind of film although I think this film is much better and will manage to collect a couple of Oscars this year in my opinion.

Smurfin’ The Web Rating: 4stars