Oscar-Statuette-2087869 copySo it is that time of year yet again. “Screener Season” is upon us and all the “For Your Consideration” copies of 2013 movies that may be being considered for Academy Awards are conveniently being leaked onto the internet.

In the coming weeks I shall be reviewing some of these movies in the run up to the actual Oscars which this year are being held at the Dolby Theatre (formally the Kodak Theatre) on March 2nd, a little bit later than in recent years – this is because of the Winter Olympics. The show will be hosted by Ellen DeGeneres for the second time in her career after previously taking charge of proceedings in 2007.

100_0424There are a total of 289 eligible movies for the grand prize of Best Picture and I will be taking my pick of a few of them that I think are going to be able to make the cut to the final nomination. On the 20th of November I made a list of 10 films that I thought would make the final list for Best Picture and although I still think some of them will get nominated for that category I now think some may make other categories. However, it will be interesting for me to see if I was correct in any of my very early predictions.

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