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Synopsis: In the aftermath of the atomic bomb drops in Japan at the end of World War II, US General Douglas MacArthur was tasked with determining whether Emperor Hirohito was complicit in starting the war with the United States and therefore a war criminal. He delegates this mammoth undertaking to General Fellers (Matthew Fox), a man who has his own personal ties with Japan.

Main Cast: Matthew Fox, Tommy Lee Jones, Eriko Hatsune, Masayoshi Haneda, Aaron Jackson

The Hype: There wasn’t a lot of talk about this one guys, it is a small budget affair but it did reasonably well considering its small release and it may be one of those movies that makes it into DVD collections at Christmas time.

What I Thought: The 1 hour 40 minutes was long enough I think. The film is nicely shot and it shows us very nicely the relationship between the USA and Japan immediately after the Second World War. Tensions are still high and there is still animosity, but there is also high respect between the cultures of the East and West. The two lead roles played by Fox and Jones are very well done and they bring character to those people. Of course, how much of this is true and actually happened is open to interpretation, but I would say that is a good telling of the story. Fellers’ own story regarding his romantic relationship with a Japanese woman knits the story together and we see how high the people of Japan hold the values of loyalty, respect and also undying love to their Emperor.

Conclusions: Not a box office smash and not a candidate for any awards, but it’s nicely filmed, very well acted and the story is entertaining despite the content in those dark times following the war and how its conclusion was arrived at.

Smurfin’ The Web Rating: 3stars