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Synopsis: Nick Carraway, who has just moved to New York finds his life suddenly intertwined with the millionaire playboy that lives in the mansion next. In an age of speak-easys, wild parties and excess, even the rich have their problems that ultimately end in tragedy.

Main Cast: Leonardo DiCaprio, Tobey Maguire, Carey Mulligan, Joel Edgerton, Isla Fisher, Elizabeth Debicki.

The Hype: Originally slated for a 2012 release, The Great Gatsby was pushed back until mid 2013 for reasons unknown, but this large budget take on the classic F. Scott Fitzgerald story about a man that makes millions just to regain the affections of the love he thought he had lost certainly had critics torn.

What I Thought: I really enjoyed this movie. I have had it on for some time and finally got around to watching it with my wife last night. I do remember studying the book in school and watching the original 1974 movie starring Robert Redford. This updated version is directed by Baz Lurhmann and he has done a great job of this film. There are some very good visuals, particularly at the parties Gatsby throws, and although the film was released in 3D, it also looked great on a normal screen. What I did find particularly pleasing about this movie was its soundtrack. Lurhmann has taken modern tracks and put a 1920s spin on them and there are some wonderful versions of songs like “Back to Black” by Amy Winehouse, completely 20’d up, and it seems to work very well.

Conclusions: I think if you ever studied the book at school or indeed have just read it yourself as an adult, you will like this version of the movie. Good visuals, and an excellent cast including Tobey Maguire who I found really engaging in the role of Nick Carraway, Carey Mulligan who plays Daisy perfectly and of course DiCaprio who it seems can do no wrong recently. The soundtrack topped off what I thought was a very good 2 hours 20 minutes of my free time.

Smurfin’ The Web Rating: 4stars